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B&R Postage Sharpening Service
B&R are now offering a postage service for your clipper, scissor and blade needs. If you can't make it to us you can now post your blades and clippers direct. They will be sharpened, serviced and/or repaired and posted back ready to use.

B&R Blades offers quick and expert sharpening services to everyone; from the professional and home groomers to hairdressers or anyone trying to hack through something tough with a blunt blade.

Our services include the sharpening of clipper blades for groomers of all kinds, from dog groomers to horse groomers; the sharpening of scissors and clipper blades for hairdressers and the sharpening of dress-making scissors and shears. We also service, repair and maintain all brands of clippers and can supply you with brand new blades to suit your industry.

We welcome the business of all clients whether you are from the country, the city, interstate or international. We pride ourselves on our onsite service around Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast with a speedy turnaround service to make sure that no matter where you’re from we’ll get your blades back to you as quickly as possible with competitive prices.

In addition to our cutting-edge sharpening services, we also sell new Clipper Blades, Clippers and Scissors at competitive prices. To obtain a list of general prices have a look at our Products Page or Contact Us for up-to-date pricing.

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us for an answer.

*Blades and scissors that have been sharpened incorrectly will cost extra to fix. Clipper machines that have been misused, incorrectly repaired or damaged will cost extra to repair.